Vicaya Offline Search Engine

cc by Alexander Edward Genaud
or Poetic License
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Vicaya was released to the public first in June 2004 on SourceForge and was last updated five years later. I am writing this four years later again. I no longer recall exactly how Vicaya was put together, but I essentially took Tomcat, Nutch, and Lucene mostly in beta, and a few other open source projects and hacked away at their code, made some changes upstream, or found some alternative solution whenever these fine products wanted to write to disk. Either temp storage, RAM, or just redo the logic. These tools have evolved far without me. To continue Vicaya would almost be to start from scratch.

I can see there are still in 2013 several downloads of an earlier versions from SourceForge every week. That's encouraging. I've got a not-release-ready 2.0 code. Let's call it a release candidate from 2009 that never got released. Anyway, until I am so motivated to restart from scratch, I thought I'd drop a few incomplete things I've found on my harddrive which may be useful to someone. I expect all should be compilable (there might be a missing ANT file, hmm). Perhaps one by one each component could be 'upgraded':

Vicaya means research and investigation in Pali, the language believed to have been spoken by Gotama Buddha

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